Lost in Time & Space

Paul Dominique Philippoteaux 1891

Mødedato: Onsdag d. 30/10 2019 kl 19.00
Lokale: KUA1 23.0.49

Lost in Time & Space: unrolling Egypt’s ancient dead, v. John J. Johnston, The Egypt Exploration Society, London

A frequent souvenir of wealthy travelers, the mummified cadavers of ancient Egyptians were not confined merely to museums but became an increasingly popular feature of salons and lecture theatres throughout London and, indeed, the Western world during the mid-nineteenth century.

The practice of publicly ‘unrolling’ mummies has been viewed as both a ghoulish spectacle for affluent sensation seekers and as an early scientific approach to the emerging discipline of Egyptology. This lecture places the practice within its social, cultural, and historical contexts.

John ruller en næsten ‘rigtig’ mumie ud på Glyptoteket dagen efter foredraget, 31/10. Foredraget giver en mere detaljeret baggrund for dette og kan ses som en appetitvækker.