JJ. Shirley

One Tomb, Two Kings

Mødedato: Lørdag d. 9/3-2024 kl. 14
Lokale: 15A.1.11

One Tomb, Two Kings: Unlocking the Sequence of Construction and Decoration in Theban Tomb 110, v. JJ. Shirley, PhD, Director of the TT110 Epigraphy and Research Field School

Theban Tomb 110, well-known for its depiction of both Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, presents a unique opportunity to examine the degree of personal involvement that the tomb’s owner, Djehuty, had in its decoration. In 2022 the epigraphic work of the TT110 Epigraphy and Research Field School completed the first full documentation of the tomb. The results of the work provide new information that allows for a more nuanced understanding of the timeline of the tomb’s design, and the owner’s career. In this talk I will present the findings of the field school, suggesting a chronology for TT110’s construction and decoration and highlighting Djehuty’s participation in the process.