Aidan Dodson

The Nubian Pharaohs of Egypt – og sommerfest

Mødedato: Tirsdag d. 23. maj Kl. 18

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The Nubian Pharaohs of Egypt, v. Professor Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol

For a few decades during the 8th to 7th centuries BC, there was a remarkable reversal of the age-old imperial domination of Nubia by Egypt. In the wake of the fragmentation of the Egyptian state during the 8th century, the Kushite state that had evolved in Nubia since Egyptian withdrawal at the beginning of the 11th century expanded northwards, ultimately absorbing the south of Egypt, including Thebes itself. Having established themselves as overlords of the various regional rulers in Egypt, the Nubian pharaohs led a national revival in Egypt, until an Assyrian onslaught drove them back into Nubia, where their composite of Egyptian and Nubian culture would survive into the 4th century AD.

Aidan Dodson has taught Egyptology at the University of Bristol, UK, since 1996, and has been honorary full Professor of Egyptology since 2018. A graduate of Liverpool and Cambridge Universities, he is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and a former Chairman of the Egypt Exploration Society. The author of some 25 books and over 400 articles and reviews, The Nubian Pharaohs of Egypt: their lives and afterlives is due to be published by the American University in Cairo Press at the end of 2023.

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