Dayr al-Barsha and Dayr al-Bahri


Mødedato: Tirsdag d. 5/12 2017, Kl. 18 (før julefesten)
Lokale: 23.0.49

Dayr al-Barsha and Dayr al-Bahri. Two Ritual Landscapes in the time of Mentuhotep II, v. Prof. dr. Harco Willems, KU Leuven, Dayr al-Barsha Project

Archaeological research at Dayr al-Bahri in the past decade and a half has revealed that the famous nomarchal tombs at that site, dating to the Middle Kingdom, did not stand in isolation, but formed the apex of a processional landscape governing the placement of thousands of tombs along a cult axis highlighting the status of the local governors.

The date of origin of this cultic landscape seems to be historically significant, and links Dayr al-Barsha to royal initiatives creating similar landscapes in Abydos and particularly Thebes. These specific examples will be discussed within the wider context of evidence for the evolution of divine and funerary processions in the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

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