The Treasury of Thutmosis I at Karnak

Arbejdet med fragmenter i Karnak Nord

Mødedato: Torsdag d. 26/9 2019 kl 19.00
Lokale: KUA1 23.0.49

The Treasury of Thutmosis I at Karnak: Finds in the storerooms, v. Ass. Prof. Dr. Irmgard Hein, Wien

The treasury of Thutmosis I is located within the wider area of Karnak North and was investigated by IFAO (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale) under Jean Jacquet 1970-1978.

Kalkstensfragment fra Thutmosis Is Skatkammer

Kalkstensfragment fra Thutmosis Is Skatkammer

Materials and some groups of finds have been already published in six volumes by the excavator and his wife Helen Jacquet-Gordon, working on site until 2010. The find material from the area covers a large timespan, from the early Middle Kingdom, until the Ptolemaic and Roman era. A large part of the finds was left in the storerooms, which were built on site in Karnak North.

This material became the subject of a new study at the request of the Egyptian authorities. Under the umbrella of the IFAO the University of Vienna is working since 2013 in yearly campaigns to remove all find material from the site, in order to save and to protect the objects. The process is demanding because of new activities on site, however, it offers an opportunity to check the inventories, to provide digital photographic records and finally to study some hitherto unpublished material, before all objects are stored again in new massive facilities.

The variety of finds includes ceramics, small objects, or the very fine worked limestone relief fragments, that were once part of the decoration in the treasury of Thutmosis I, and which were cleaned and saved during the last two years. Not all finds are published, and so we now have the unique chance to complete the records for the hitherto unregistered and unpublished finds.

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