El-Reis: Co-curated exhibitions

Mødedato: Torsdag d. 2/12 2021 kl. 17.20 – døren låses!

Antikmuseet på Aarhus Universitet,
Victor Albecksvej, Århus C, bygning 1414

El-Reis: Co-curated exhibitions as means of connecting to heritage, v. Wesam Mohamed, PhD-studerende Aarhus Universitet
Since the 19th century and until today, Egyptian local workmen proved to be very central to the success of all archaeological work, inside both sites and museums.

However, their work has been unrecognized for a long time and their history was kept in the shadow of other big names. El-Reis, is a co-curated exhibition which was recently organized in Luxor to introduce the Egyptian workmen as mediator between archaeology and the locals, to foster community engagement with archaeology, and to promote ownership and inclusiveness. More than 500 images were displayed at the exhibition, in addition to a variety of personal possessions. Most of which were brought to us by the workmen.

The exhibition focused on the use of exhibitions as ‘laboratories’ to locate and refine best practice in community engagement, with the aim of facilitating sustainable protection of heritage into the future. It gives understanding to multiple perspectives through the participation of the workmen, and the debates around identity, post-colonialism, the protection of antiquities, as well as contributing theoretical understanding of the value of heritage.

This talk will discuss means of community engagement to heritage through the work of the local workmen in archaeology, and how one exhibition could provide a rich platform of invaluable discussions.