The Gurob “Burnt Groups” and their implications for trade and chronology during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Eastern Fayum

Mødedato: Tirsdag d. 1/12
kl. 18.00
Lokale: KUA1 23.0.49

Ph.d. Valentina Gasperini, Marie Curie postdoc Liverpool Universitet

The so called “Burnt Groups” were unearthed during the 1889 – 1890 autumn season carried out by W.M.F. Petrie in the New Kingdom site of Gurob. These assemblages constitute groups of objects deliberately burnt and then buried under the floor of structures related to the harim-palace. Since the discovery of the “Burnt Groups”, many theories have been formulated regarding their meaning and most of the hypotheses have implied non-Egyptian rituals for their explanation, based also on the presence of a large amount of Eastern Mediterranean pottery in these assemblages. The deep fascination of Petrie for the presence of resident foreigners at Gurob has played a major role in influencing the study of these assemblages. This lecture will present the results of the complete reassessment of these assemblages in the light of a recent analysis of all the available archaeological and documentary materials.

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