New Excavations at El Kurru

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100 Years after Reisner: New Excavations at El Kurru,
ved Dr Rachael J Dann, lektor ToRS, Københavns Universitet

In 2013, a new Danish-US-Sudanese mission began work at the 25th Dynasty site of El Kurru in Sudan.

This is the first Danish led work in Sudan since the Scandinavian Joint Expedition’s work of the 1960’s which was instigated by the raising of the Aswan High Dam. El Kurru is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site which also encompasses Gebel Barkal and Nuri close by.

El Kurru is best known as the royal cemetery of the 25th Dynasty, but the origins and decline of the site are still debated, as is the internal chronology of the site.

This paper explains the work of the International Kurru Archaeological Project to date and suggests some directions for research in future seasons, particularly with regard to the opening of Pyramid 1, the Mortuary Temple and the unique painted tombs of Queen Qalhata and King Tanwetamani.