Richard Parkinson

Embodying Ancient Egyptian Poetry: Performances and experimental philology

Barbara Ewing as Queen Neferu, 2014

Mødedato: Torsdag d. 13/2 2020 kl 19.00
Lokale: KUA1 23.0.49

Embodying Ancient Egyptian Poetry: Performances and experimental philology, v. Richard Parkinson, Professor of Egyptology, Oxford

The lecture will discuss the role of the performer’s voice in Middle Kingdom poetry, firstly from a historian’s perspective, and then from that of modern experimental performances.

These can offer different insights from traditional philological approaches, in terms of textual history, interpretation, and aesthetic, emotional impact.

The lecture will illustrate a series of performances of The Tale of Sinuhe, and an ongoing project to record this and two other 12th Dynasty poems with actress and author Barbara Ewing, to consider how can performers offer a model for translators and Egyptologists?

RBP is currently statutory Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of The Queen’s College. He was previously a curator at the British Museum for almost 20 years. His research interests centre round the interpretation of ancient Egyptian poetry by ancient and modern audiences, and is interested in issues of performance practice, cultural power, and sexuality in Ancient Egyptian culture.

Se video med Richard og Barbara om Sinuhe:

Hør hele Barbaras oplæsning af Sinuhe (41 min):