Silt, Sand and Sherds – før sommerfesten

Mødedato: Tirsdag d. 12/6 2018 Kl. 18.00

Lokale: KUA1 22.0.11

Silt, Sand and Sherds: land- and waterscapes of ancient Thebes, ved Dr. Angus Graham, Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Sweden; Director, Egypt Exploration Society Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey

The Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey (THaWS) has been conducting a geoarchaeological, geophysical and topographic survey in the floodplains of the West and East Bank of Luxor since 2012.

The project has identified a secondary channel of the Nile lying just in front of the Ramesseum and the Colossi of Memnon. This finding has considerable influence on the reinterpretation of a connection between the temples of Millions of Years on the West Bank, the festivals and the possible location of the ‘marketplace’ of Deir el-Medina. An intensive survey has been carried out in and around the Temple of Millions of Years of Amenhotep III (Kom el-Hetan) in collaboration with Dr Hourig Sourouzian’s mission.

The talk will discuss the sedimentological picture of the ground upon which Amenhotep III founded his temple and why he placed it where he did. Other on-going work and future plans will also be discussed.

DÆS-sommerfest tirsdag d. 12/6 2018 efter foredraget